Finding Great Web Hosting

Thoughts On The Best Web Hosting I Have Found...


I had used many hosts over the years and decided that it was time to move beyond the cheapest shared hosting accounts I had been using. I originally planned to create this website as a comparison of different web hosting companies I had either used or those that I researched extensively.

Those plans changed once I started using HostGator. I liked the service so much that I decided to discuss is exclusively. I’ve used my fair share of hosting companies and HostGator excels so much in its support that right now I can’t imagine using another host.

You will notice I have advertising for HostGator throughout this site but I promise you that this is not affecting my opinions. After using HostGator for a week with one of my websites, I quickly moved my remaining sites to HostGator as well. I really believe everything I discuss here and recommend this hosting service to anyone who will listen.