Finding Great Web Hosting

Thoughts On The Best Web Hosting I Have Found...

Finding Better Web Hosting at a Resonable Price

I’ve been creating websites for the last ten years and I’ve seen my fair share of web hosts. I’ve used the smallest hosts run by a one guy to large hosting companies run by major corporations. Recently I found myself researching web hosts looking for to solve this problem:

I need a solid web host with great speed but I’m not ready for a dedicated server yet.

I found myself in a situation where I needed to improve the speed of my websites but could not afford the hundreds of dollars a month the best hosting requires. I was looking for that next stepping stone in hosting and I was not looking to make a huge leap in pricing.

Enter HostGator

I always planned on creating a website based on my research of web hosting but after finding HostGator I decided to simply discuss this service as, in my opinion, it is far better than the other hosting companies I have tested.

Why HostGator?
For me, this choice came down to two issues: support and database speed.

First, with support, no matter what hosting company you choose you will at some point find yourself dealing with them over some technical issue. HostGator is known for its awesome customer support and even knowing this I was stunned by how committed they are to fixing problems. I had a WordPress problem that any other hosting company I have worked with would have told me was not their problem but HostGator spend an hour-and-a-half working with me until we resolved the issue. I was floored by this!

Second, the database speed. Most of the time today when you see a slow website it is because of the database running the show. All web hosting companies I have used can host static files (such as HTML files) just fine. Unfortunately, most hosts will put too many websites on the same database server to save money and all of the users can suffer because of this. The databases at HostGator (and I have moved three sites there already) are much more responsive.

A Small Step to Better Hosting
When I decided to use HostGator, I went with their Reseller Account which can be used to sell hosting service. You sell your website creation and maintenance service but instead of owning a web server, you can host and manage all of the sites on HostGator.

Now I am not a reseller but I selected this type of service because it is said to have better database performance over shared hosting accounts (I have found this to be true). At $24 a month, this was exactly the size of step I was looking to make. I wasn’t looking to spend hundreds of dollars a month but I was definitely willing to spend more than $5 a month if it meant a more responsive website. I couldn’t be happier with this decision and I even have taken advantage of the reseller features by hosting additional websites there (even though I hadn’t originally planned to do this).